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Avocat Montréal is a legal platform to find a lawyer in Montreal and in other cities of Quebec. Whether you want to start a legal procedure, meet with a lawyer or receive personalized advice, you can choose your lawyer from our directory or receive several quotes in order to better compare and find the best one for your dispute. The Montreal Lawyer platform is a subsidiary of the Droit Justice group which offers to find a lawyer in the Quebec region.

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Criminal law
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Civil law
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Real estate law
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Lawyer Montreal is a legal platform dedicated to dispute resolution in all areas of law. Thanks to our platform and our team of legal specialists, you will be able to contact a lawyer adapted to your needs in the city of Montreal.

Several choices are available to you:

  • Contact us for a specific need and receive one or more personalized quotes,
  • Contact a lawyer directly through our directory.

Our network of lawyers allows us to choose the best lawyers in Montreal for your dispute. We strive to offer the best according to your needs thanks to our experience but also to the opinions left by our users. Thus, we only offer professional and serious lawyers.

FAQ – Users


Why choose our legal support service?

Lawyer Montreal allows you to cover most topics in the field of law, so you can find a wide variety of lawyers in Montreal thanks to our network of partners in all legal areas such as: work, family, immigration, crime, companies and many more.

You have the possibility of receiving 3 quotes from specialized and qualified lawyers who will allow you to resolve your dispute.
We are currently working with reliable sworn lawyers who listen to the needs of Montrealers.

How to find the best lawyer for your dispute?

The website allows you to target a lawyer in Montreal based on several criteria:

– Prices and fees
– Positive Reviews
– Popularity

My dispute is specific, can you help me?

Avocat Montréal offers all legal areas: criminal law, social law, tax law, corporate law, municipal law, etc.

If you have a specific need:

– Launch of a procedure following a dispute: unfair dismissal, abusive termination of employment contract, etc.,
– Legal advice and services: need for support on a short/medium/long term project,
– Current procedure: you wish to change lawyers and choose a lawyer according to specific criteria.

I can’t find lawyers suited to my needs?

Our Montreal Lawyer team is at your disposal for any questions relating to your dispute.

Do you offer how-to sheets?

Our team makes every effort to provide you with free guides to better understand the law and better defend yourself.

If you want personalized support, our network of sworn lawyers will answer you and offer you an answer adapted to your legal problem.

What is the response time?

This will depend on the availability of lawyers and the need. Of course, our team makes every effort to provide you with a lawyer in Montreal for your needs as quickly as possible.

If you have any questions, I invite you to fill out the contact form through our menu or send us an email:



Why post an ad on Montreal lawyer?

The Montreal Lawyer site is visible on the front page on most keywords related to finding a lawyer “Montreal lawyer”, “choose a Montreal lawyer”, “Montreal apple master”, “Montreal lawyer list bar”, “lawyer Montreal labor law”, “immigration law lawyer” etc…

Thus, this visibility on the internet allows us to reach as many people looking for lawyers in Montreal in a specific field as possible. This will allow you to get new requests from potential customers for your business.

I am a lawyer in Montreal, I want to register?

You can register via the “I am a lawyer” menu in order to quickly create an account and post an ad on our “Montreal Lawyer” site.

This way you can become visible to potential clients looking for a lawyer in your area.

You can also contact us to discuss your services and we will be happy to answer them and why not offer your firm to people looking for your services via the contact form.

What are the prices for a subscription?

You have several options:

  • 1st option: Subscribe to a free subscription in order to benefit from unlimited visibility on the platform.
  • 2nd option: Subscribe to the privilege option to receive requests directly in your mailbox.

Who can register on our platform?

Are you a lawyer in Montreal? Do you want to get new customers quickly?

Sign up on our Montreal Lawyer platform and choose the safest and most reliable way to get new clients.

What is the validation time for an ad?

In less than 48 hours your ad will appear on the website in the legal area related to your activity.

Sign up, save your ad and find your ad in less than 48 hours on Avocat Montréal.

If this is not the case, I invite you to send us a request and our team will do everything possible to meet your needs as quickly as possible.

If you have any questions, I invite you to fill out the contact form through our menu or send us an email:

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