Tax registration (GST, QST)

Anyone doing business in Canada is subject to a tax obligation:tax registration (GST, QST). Why is this compulsory? Is the process tedious? How do I register for GST and QST taxes? Before you get started, here’s what you need to know about these notorious tax constraints. Registering for taxes (GST, QST) Tax registration is mandatory, […]

Commercial mediation for businesses: a lawyer to help you

Commercial mediation for businesses is a peaceful approach to dispute resolution. Based on the voluntary participation of the parties concerned, this passive approach uses non-conventional techniques, far removed from the complex and time-consuming conventional legal procedures. Why use this form of conflict resolution? How does business mediation work? Find out how this approach works. What […]

Financing a start-up company

The start-up phase is the most difficult part of any business creation project. This fundamental stage requires start-up capital. How can you find the funds you need to launch your business? Here’s a summary of the best solutions for financing a business start-up. What is start-up financing? Obtaining financing is a sine qua non for […]

The importance of copyright registration

A branch of intellectual property, copyright is the exclusive right that an individual exercises over his or her work, whether artistic, literary, musical or dramatic. TheCanadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) has the onerous task of administering this right. In addition to ensuring compliance, it also handles copyright registration, an essential step in the protection of […]

Creating a limited partnership in Québec: step-by-step

What is a limited partnership? A limited partnership is a form of company in which the partners are divided into two categories: general partners, who are liable for the company’s debts up to the amount of their contributions, and limited partners, who are liable for debts only up to the amount of their contributions. There […]

La propriété intellectuelle vous permet de protéger votre invention des contrefaçons.

Intellectual property in Canada: what you need to know

Good ideas, innovative projects and inventions didn’t appear in the blink of an eye. These discoveries require months or even years of intellectual and physical effort. That’s why the fruits of your labor deserve to be protected, hence the concept of intellectual property. It’s a system that encourages innovation in an environment conducive to creativity. […]

A Guide to Child Support in Canada

Following a divorce, the life and daily routine of the household changes dramatically. Former spouses go from living together to living apart. The upheaval marks the beginning of a succession of other changes to come, such as negotiating custody rights for the children, the distribution of property and, in particular, alimony. The latter is the […]